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Gabriel Whelden

The first known Whelden in the line in America was Gabriel Whelden of Plymouth. He is believed to have been born in England, but the date and place are not proven. It is commonly stated that Gabriel Whelden originated in Nottinghamshire, but no records have been found to substantiate it. The author Pope reports he found a record of a land sale in Middlesex county files where Gabriel in 1653 sold land he owned in Nottingham to William Cross. The head archivist of these records, Elizabeth Bouvier has been unable to find any such record.

The Wheeldon/Wheelton family, which has not yet been connected to Gabriel Wheldon, finds the earliest spelling located to-date is Whyldon (christenings of sons of William Whyldon at Astbury, Cheshire: Matthew, 14 Dec 1574; John 14 Mar 1584; per LDS IGI ). In "Homes of Family Names in Great Britain", Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1968) H. B. Guppy noted that the surname Wheelton as "peculiar" or "confined mostly to this county [Cheshire]." He indicated it was more specifically associated with Macclesfield. The surname is concentrated in the ancient Parish of Prestbury, which originally included Macclesfield. Additionally, "pockets" of Wheeldon ~ Wheelton individuals settled in the Cheshire / Derbyshire / Staffordshire border area known as "The Potteries."

Was Margaret (Oguina) a Wampanoag?

Gabriel married Margaret Diguina (or Oguina), who may have been Gabriel's second wife. Some say that Margaret was a Wampanoag Indian, although it is hotly disputed by many genealogists. Accordig to the Wampanoag theory Oguina was a child of 6 years in 1608 when a British fishing vessel picked her up along with other Wampanoags along a beach on Cape Cod. She was taken to England where she baptized and given the English name Margaret. She eventually married Gabriel Whelden.

Oguina was a daughter of Quadequina who in turn was a son of WAasaneginN. These geenrations were of the Algonkian nation of Massachusoi and tribe of Wampanoag.

Oguina's descent is as follows:

1- WASANEGIN, born by 1554
2-QUADEQUINA, born 1576. This year is determined from the fact that he was born
in the year when the "Great Light" went out. European astronomers noted in 1576
that there was a Solar Eclipse. He, QUADEQUINA begot
3-OGUINA, born 1602 @ Wampanoag village in what is today Rhode Island.

Gabriel Whelden and Margaret (Oguina) had the following children:

  1. Ruth Whelden, who married Richard Taylor, and who died December 1673 in Yarmouth, Barnstable County, Massachusetts.
  2. Henry Whelden, who died 28 October 1694
  3. Katherne Whelden
  4. John Whelden, who died 20 November 1711
  5. Ralph Whelden

Gabriel died January 1653/1654 in Malden, Massachusetts. Following is his Last Will and Testament:

In the name of God, and in obedience to his comand (according to my bounden duty) I, Gabriell Whelding, of the Towne and Church of Maulden, being weake and sicke in body, do make my last will. My body to be layd asleepe in the bed of the grave, in the Common buriing lace for the Inhabitants of this Towne. I give 10s as a Small testimony of my true Love to the Church of Maulden, to be payd into the hands of the Deacons within a month after my decease. i give all my estate in Maulden, consisting of house, Frame Lands, cattle, and corne, (together [with] what money is due unto me from William Croffts, of Linne, to Margaret Whelding, my wife, who I appoynt my sole executrix.

In the presence of: Nathaniell Vphame, James Larnard, Michaiah Mathews, with others.

My Whelden Lines

  1. M. Lee Murrah
  2. Ina Gertrude Johnson m. Earvin Elroy Murrah
  3. Florence Ophelia Largent and Franklin John Johnson
  4. Malcom David Largent and Eliza Azalee Spears
  5. Thomas Wayne Largent and Talitha Maria Freeman
  6. David Barss Freeman and Talitha T. Thompson
First branch: 
  1. James Freeman and Hannah Barss
  2. Samuel Freeman m. Mary Mayo
  3. Judah Mayo m. Mary Hamilton
  4. Sgt. Daniel Hamilton m. Mary Smith
  5. Samuel Smith m. Mary Hopkins
  6. Gyles Hopkins m. Catherine Whelden
  7. Gabriel Whelden m. Margaret Diguina (?)
Second branch: 
  1. James Freeman m. Hannah Barss
  2. David Barss m. Rebecca Gammon
  3. Benjamin Barss II m. Jane Collins
  4. Benjamin Bearse I m. Sarah Cobb
  5. Joseph Bearse m. Martha Taylor
  6. Richard Taylor m. Ruth Whelden
  7. Gabriel Whelden m. Margaret Diguina (?)
Third branch: 
  1. James Freeman m. Hannah Barss
  2. David Barss m. Rebecca Gammon
  3. Benjamin Bearse II m. Jane Collins
  4. Benjamin Bearse I m. Sarah Cobb
  5. Samuel Cobb m. Elizabeth Taylor
  6. Richard Taylor m. Ruth Whelden
  7. Gabriel Whelden m. Margaret Diguina (?)

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