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The Early Hardys

The Hardy family were among the landed gentry of England in the early 11th Century. They are descended from the Norman knight De Hardie.

The first known Hardy in the line was John Hardy, who was a merchant in London and served as alderman and sheriff of London in the 1520's. John Hardy married Mary Stanley, who died in 1543. Mary was of royal ancestry and traces her line back to William the Conqueror.

John and Mary's son Sir Michael de Hardy was born in 1530 and died in 1595. He married Alice de Shelton.

Michael and Alice's son Richard Hardy was born in 1567 and died in 1645. He married Alice Wilson. Their son John Hardy, Sr. emigrated to Virginia.

The Virginia Hardys

John Hardy, Sr., was born in 1613 (1595?) and Bedfordshire, England and died in 1670. John married Olive Council, who was born in 1615 (1597?) and died in 1675. The Hardys settled in Isle of Wight Co., VA. Their children were:

  1. Capt. John Hardy, Jr. b: 1637 d: 1677 Capt. m. Alice Bennett
  2. Olive Hardy, b: 1648, m1: Giles Driver, m2: John Bromfield Boddie, m3: John Pitt, Sr., m4: Rev. Andrew Monroe
  3. George Hardy, m. Mary Jackson
  4. Richard Hardy, m. Mary Vincent
  5. Lucy Hardy, m. Hodges Council
  6. Deborah Hardy
  7. Isabel Hardy m. William Mayo

My Hardy Line

  1. M. Lee Murrah
  2. Earvin Elroy Murrah m. Ina Gertrude Johnson
  3. Hester Ann Laura Forsythe m. Samuel Virgil Murrah
  4. Sara Alice Darenda Landrum m. William David Forsythe
  5. Maston Lee Landrum m. Mary Jane Johnson
  6. Linson B. Landrum m. Elizabeth Ann Pitts
  7. Daniel Pitts, Sr. m. Margarette Walters
  8. Anthony Pitts m. Nancy Ann Rawlinson
  9. John Pitts m. Sarah Norsworthy
  10. John Pitt m. Priscilla Unknown
  11. John Pitt m. Olive Hardy
  12. John Hardy m. Olive Council
  13. Richard Hardy m. Alice Wilson
  14. Michael de Hardy m. Alice de Shelton
  15. John Hardy (alderman and sheriff of London) m. Mary Stanley (royal connection)

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